Write and wipe answer boards

The 3 sets of dry-erase boards will make practicing lesson concepts and reviewing material in all subject areas more fun. Please help! Our warranty covers any structural defects that are found under normal, everyday use.

My students attend a small school in rural Nebraska. Individual dry-erase boards are a great way to keep all the students actively involved in the lesson, which improves proficiency levels on assessments.

Having dividers between students during testing especially will help many of the students focus on what they are doing.

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Thank you in advance for your support! If any product breaks within the warranty period, we will repair or replace it-at no charge! We put it together-so you don't have to! They would greatly benefit from your support. These materials will be used in all subject areas for multiple purposes and will greatly benefit my class.

Instructor Magazine is now Scholastic Teacher Magazine. To learn more, visit greenguard. We are tired of practicing our lessons on notebook paper and then throwing the paper away when we are done.

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Lakeshore Write & Wipe Answer Boards at Lakeshore Learning