Using time and sequence vocabulary in recipe writing activity

This is a nonfiction genre and this should be reflected in the choice of language.

Using time and sequence vocabulary in recipe writing activity

The ability to correctly identify beginning, middle, and end allows readers to retell a narrative in a manageable way. Teaching readers to understand the importance of order of events helps them deepen their comprehension. Using the LCD projector, guide students through the various links on the website to view different recipes. Tell students that they need to use a variety of appropriate verbs to describe the process or steps in a procedure. We will talk more on this aspect when we discuss language features in greater detail. Too often students write themselves into corners as they try to describe complicated procedures while struggling with the technical difficulties of constructing grammatically sound sentences. Independent work using cut and paste worksheets! Ask students to identify the ingredients or materials that were necessary in making stone soup.

If we can give our young students a firm grasp of this skill in their primary years, we are most certainly helping to set them up for success in years to come! Simpler texts, such as recipes, will be much less complex in structure.

Sequence writing prompts 5th grade

Soon they will start to see the pattern evolve and this will help them when they come to produce and name their own procedural texts. Discuss with students the steps that were followed to make the soup. For example, use of adverbial time words, such as: first, second, before, then, after. For a recipe, this will obviously include things like ingredients, but may also include things like the appliances and tools required to follow that recipe to completion. How to teach sequencing I like to introduce new units of study with Brain Pop Jr. At this point, stress word choice as an extremely important aspect of writing a procedure. In both cases my students are successful with this literacy task as they are practicing oral language skills. It will refer to what is to be done or made. Have them brainstorm verbs directly linked to the making of stone soup e. I teach my students that while they are ordering the pictures and pasting them down they should use the details in the pictures as a brainstorm of the events they will write about in their piece. When students begin to write stories their ability to form a plot depends on the understanding that events happen in a specific order. Explain to students that there are several important components to a procedure; these include a purpose, materials or ingredients, steps, and a conclusion.

Sequencing refers to the identification of the components of a story or event— the beginning, middle, and end — and also to the ability to retell the events in a text in the order in which they occurred. Young children come to recognize patterns and routines that help make the world more predictable for them.

sequence writing prompts worksheets

Retell stories orally! For flat-pack furniture, for example, items like a screwdriver, spanner, glue will form this section. Session 4: Practice With Procedural Writing Using the Internet Note: If you do not have classroom computers with Internet access, this session should take place in your school's computer lab.

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A Recipe for Sequencing Success