Too narrow thesis statements

Here are the rules: Rule 1: A thesis is not an announcement Rule 2: A thesis is more than a general statement broad Rule 3: A thesis is more than a specific detail narrow Rule 4: A thesis develops only one idea 6 The sentence above merely tells the subject of the paper.

If you perform the following searches in the biomedical search engine Pubmed you will quickly get an idea of whether the topic is too broad or too narrow.

Too narrow: Bluegrass music includes the use of a washboard as an instrument. If your search yields more than results your research question is probably too broad for your thesis as lots have already been written on your topic and you may need to modify your research by narrowing your search criteria.

The sentence above merely tells the subject of the paper.

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Make sure they have only one main point. In this way, I could talk about a variety of points which makes the subject too broad. This is called parallel form. Specific — Next month will bring several important events.

Too narrow thesis statements

From this statement, we know that I like dogs, and I do present a reason. A good thesis is neither too broad nor too narrow. In addition to being an overly-broad argument, it is also one that is probably unnecessary; it is not one that needs to be made to fellow students, most of whom understand that greenhouse gas emissions are bad. A Thesis is too narrow when the main idea is so specific that an argument cannot be well developed and formulated. For example, every year at graduation I watch people laugh when they hear the title of a thesis or dissertation. Develop your supporting points with specific details. When deciphering whether or not a thesis is too broad or too narrow, consider the breadth of the assignment and whether or not you have enough material for the required length, or perhaps too much material. If your topic is too narrow, try making it broader by asking yourself related questions. But before you draw this conclusion you should try to rethink your topic, for example by searching Google or Google Scholar. Too Broad — Family is an essential part of life.

Too narrow — My family members all have the same middle name. You don't want readers to say, " Well, so what?

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