Thorpe park customer needs evalutation

Thorpe park customer needs evalutation

For example for families, apart from entrance ticket prices also cost of the food and drink makes such day out quite expensive event, therefore they may look for alternatives. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. The main problem, which has been stated by managers during the informative meeting is regarded the seasonal nature of the job.

Money off vouchers discounts competitions PR promotions combination offers Thorpe park and Anchor Butter 10 Research and development The initial stage involves looking at the current and future needs of both customers and suppliers - getting their feedback, asking for their views and perhaps carrying out independent market research.

They give media information that is then portrayed by the public. Preparing wages and salaries. Example: fright night - selling masks and glow sticks.

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They use for staff, meetings, rides and other stuff. Promoting products and services through a variety of promotional methods eg.

Tourism 5 The Management and Planning in Tourism. Providing after-sales service, including replacing damaged goods, arranging for repairs or for spare parts to be obtaining and fitted — Thorpe park buy tings they need yearly but if they start to run low they have to order them from a company and wait fir them to deliver. Through the customer service, delivered by the staff, the visitors experience is completed and fulfilled, going beyond the rides themselves. The entrance while controlling the amount inside has been granted only to those customers who had pre-booked tickets or annual passes. Visitor Attractions. Carrying out repairs to machinery and equipment as required. Therefore crucial are all operations related to processing of the customer experience. Johnston, R.

Operations are focused on every day managing tasks, which should provide smooth process of running the site. Because of great involvement of human in daily operations in Thorpe Park it seems to be one of the crucial factors to keep staff highly motivated and engaged with customers through their experience.

This is the responsibility of human resources manager in the first line but also on duty managers and supervisors. Managing Visitor Impact. One of the options might be the offering the variety of shows, which could result in attracting visitors, and reduce the overcrowding around most popular rides Ahmadi,

The seasonal nature of the job results with lack of implementing of practices in human resources e. Making arrangements for visitors - Thorpe park make arrangements for people, schools ect. Planning production schedules to maximise machine capacity and staff levels. New products or services and assess whether they would be commercially viable- making sure each ride is safe and making sure that people enjoy it. Page, ed. Although there is car park provided and many alternative forms of transport available, the time and additional cost need to be taken in consideration. Price: Competition based pricing — Thorpe park is influenced by rivals when setting prices eg. Making travel arrangements - Thorpe park help make travel arrangements so people can get to the park Purchasing supplies of office stationery and equipment - Thorpe park office will but equipment to last them. Direct marketing: Involves sending information direct to peoples homes. This is good because it gives the parents a break and it gives the children a fun place to go in the daytime. To control and evaluate the performance it is necessary to provide regular appraisals, where strong and weak points should be discussed and further steps undertaken.
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