The massie affair essay

However, for purposes of the presented thesis, let us focus on five of the individuals who were directly affected by the case, as much as they were participants.

The massie affair essay

Judge Davis allowed Darrow to proceed with his line of questioning. Allow the guilty verdict to stand, but commute their sentences. Grace and another sailor, Edward Lord, followed behind in Fortescue's roadster. For over four hours, Darrow's voice rose and sank, his hands waved through the sultry courtroom air, he bent and straightened--and occasionally wiped away tears. To the surprise of most observers, the foreman said that he thought a verdict might be reached. The case also convinced Hawaiian, Japanese, and Chinese community leaders that their common interests were more important than the differences that had previously divided them. Both these sections were amended in in response to the Ala Moana and Massie cases. Thalia Massie, with a blueblood background and a belief in her own sophistication, was much less enthusiastic about the prospect than her husband of four years, naval officer Thomas Massie. In the Massie case, there was a fear all over these Islands that the little freedom people had was going to be taken away if they did the right thing—if they voted to convict these people, who had obviously committed murder. Another was kidnapped, then shot and killed with a single bullet to his heart.

Thalia was a young US navy wife whose husband, Tommy has threatened to divorce her because of her growing paranoia and troublesome personality. AroundThalia was in an upstairs room, agitated over the fact that Tommie had spent most of the previous two hours ignoring her.

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A: No, sir. Max Allan Collins's novel, Damned in Paradise, follows the facts of the case more closely than Katkov's book. As photographers scrambled for pictures of Darrow wearing a lei that someone had draped around his neck, Darrow complained: "Can't I take off these jingle bells?

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To the police, the case against Horace Ida and his friends began to look stronger. Originally from Montana and a former law partner of William Heen, Kelley was trying his first case as a prosecutor when he went up against Clarence Darrow. At that time, Thomas Massie tried to look for his wife once more, but gave up and went for an after-party at Rigby's home, where the Navy officers were supposed to meet after the evening. Massie's rape. No trials ever had a more significant effect on a state's history than those that shocked and shook Hawaii in and At this point the story could be contained no longer. Within days of the commutation the Massies, Thalia's mother, the convicted Navy men, and Clarence Darrow boarded a ship and left Hawai'i forever. Lastly, Admiral Yates Stirling represents the rest of the white supremacist group still present in US society then and now. Edward Lord died in See instructions for fixing the problem. Thalia, bored with the party, left the Ala Wai Inn and began walking down Kalakaua Avenue in the direction of the beach.

This could hardly be a coincidence. With the earlier testimony in the prosecution case concerning the altercation with Agnes Peeples around tosome jurors could be expected to begin having doubts about whether the defendants had the time for twenty minutes of gang rape in the hour between midnight and a.

They explained their movements on the night at length.

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After the election, it was three-to-one, Democrat over Republican. She gave as good as she got. The car was occupied by the Berringer and Clark families, who were the first to definitely recognize Thalia Massie after she left Ala Wai Inn. The Territorial legislature and city council would have been wiped out. For the defense, William Heen argued that the police witnesses for the prosecution had led and been "caught red-handed in framing the tire evidence to send innocent men to jail. Things got particularly heated in August , when Deputy Sheriff Hao was forced into retirement. At about the same time, the police learned of the rape in Ala Moana Park, so it was only natural that they would assume that the occupants of the Ida car were more than likely the perpetrators of the assault on Thalia Massie.

Darrow was brought out of retirement by Eva Stotesbury wife of Edward T. Advertiser library photo But after a three-week trial and the longest jury deliberation ever in Hawai'i, the jurors declared themselves deadlocked.

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