The effects of issuing a drivers license to undocumented immigrants in massachussets

immigrants license

They will consider that they are not part of the society, and will not come to report a crime, help of Police investigation, etc. Massachusetts is considering legislation to implement a similar program. Kaplan, and Monica R. Massachusetts remains one of the State in the U. For example, some groups such as Unlicensed to Kill and Californians for Population Stabilization resisted the measure.

As a result of that, we will have more trained drivers and less uninsured motorists.

facts about illegal immigrants getting drivers license

In States that issue permits for undocumented aliens, the policy has largely self-funded; i. Any type of essay. Christine Barber, of Somerville; and Rep.

Driving without a license is more dangerous than driving without legal resident papers. But Cicero said the IDs do help with policing, saving officers time when issuing routine citations. So, it sounds wrong when people think that denying a permit will ensure the U.

The majority of undocumented people came in the U. By having insurance, motorists are ensuring the safety of drivers in Massachusetts because of the decreasing of the hit-and-run. Who wrote this essay?

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