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biological psychology

A brief description on psychology will occur, and there will also be a short summarisation on some key early influences of psychology, from its origins in philosophy.

When we are depressed, physical changes take place within our bodies. The behavioural approach in psychology is one of the major theories and it was largely developed to react to the non-scientific and mostly untestable perspectives being put forward by some psychologists.

Biological perspective has found three factors that control food intake at the lunch time. According to such an opinion we should only have to restore the lost energy, in order that our body continued to function.

The selective serotonin eruptive inhibitors Girls are the most widely used antidepressants cause they are easy to use, and their side effects are better tolerated than those of older antidepressants.

Biological psychologists often use biological methods of research to base their practice on them.

famous biological psychologists

Impulses are transmitted between neurons nerves at synapses, junctions where neurotransmitters are released that inhibit or excite other neurons to achieve different responses. For example, scans can show which part of the brain are active during a particular behaviour, which would help us to develop therapy.

biological perspective of abnormal psychology
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