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People litter plastic bags after use; they get accumulated in the drains thus blocking them. Is it fiscally prudent to impose a paper-bag fee on residents?

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Like a coin having two sides, globalization too has its pluses and minuses. People must be educated about the benefits of recycling and must be taught to avoid the usage of non-recyclable plastic.

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He shared his evergreen memories of having Other Popular Essays. Mass tourism is exploitative as developed countries earn most of the tourist receipts from countries which are unable to support it, and it results in environmental degradation in tourism Sonar Technology : a boon or a curse words - 7 pages 11 SONAR Technology: A boon or a curse.

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Essay words - 13 pages overseas laws may conflict with the company policies. The Huntington Beach council majority is pursuing a reckless policy that will have a negative economic impact on the community and be a blow to the individual liberties of residents. Keep plastic articles and toys with small parts away from the reach of little children. Predominantly it is film packaging and polythene carry bags, followed by blow moulded containers, and broken and discarded moulded items. Plastic — Health and Environmental Hazards Although plastic has many positive influences in everyday lives, there have been instances when plastics have posed some health and environmental hazards. The intention is to check possible contamination, and to avert the danger from use of recycled plastic. Avoid disposing of plastic along with organic wastes. To put it in simple words, plastic once manufactured cannot be destroyed in any way. To think of a few, Plastic waste accumulated in land fills amount to a lot of soil pollution over the years since they are non-biodegradable.

Conclusion 1. Instead, carry a paper or a jute bag with you when you go shopping. Ordinary plastics cause health hazards to humans when eaten in them.

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Everywhere around us we find plastic bags as a carrier of all kinds of materials. Their greatest fear is upsetting the daily routine of their citizens since this commodity has become part of their daily lives. Extensive research must take place in finding better methods of disposing non-recyclable plastic. Plastic bag tax push, The Herald Sun By applying the tax it would cut down the numbers of plastic bags used therefore cutting down on the numbers of plastic bags in the waterways. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Plastic undoubtedly has been the one of the greatest achievements by man. Various strategies are being devised to mitigate the impact of plastic waste in India. We will write a custom essay sample on Plastic — Boon or Bane or any similar topic only for you They provide as a good non-reactive medium as water pipes. Is it the role of the local city council to legislate personal behaviors and purchasing choices? To use metals to manufacture pens would be costly and using glass, though cheap, it is not a durable material. Legislating personal behavior This second vote brings the council closer to making a bag ban a reality. Technically non-partisan Mayor Joe Carchio and council members Don Hansen and Matthew Harper voted against the proposal; all three are Republican, though the council is technically nonpartisan. Firstly, it is. Even though recycling continues to reuse plastics, most plastics do not rot and cannot be reused. Tourism is also a fast growing industry as people are generally more affluent and are able and willing to pay for Medical Tourism: Boon or Bane to African healthcare Delivery Model words - 4 pages will touch those points also in the article Need for Medical Tourism: There are so many Factors which results in a booming Medical Tourism Industry but for Nigeria it is required because of the poor delivery of Medical Services by the local healthcare Industry.

Always supervise kids when they are working with such potential plastic articles. Even though recycling continues to reuse plastics, most plastics do not rot and cannot be reused.

Currently, globalization is at its peak. Non-recyclable plastic can be used for asphalting roads, as supplementary building materials, and as supportive structures.

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