Saving my first kiss

Many people seem terrified of kissing their partner on a stage in front of their friends and family. Time and time again I hoped that one of these men would be my Knight in Shining Armor. Other questions were equally haunting: Will my lips remain as they are—untouched—forever?

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Whether we were sitting on bleachers during a break or stretching out on a gym floor, one of us would bring the subject up. Eventually my sense of worth got to the point where only one thing could have made me feel worse: if anyone else had known the truth. I know of many girls who view saving their first kiss as a precious present to give their future husband on their wedding day! After a few weeks of waiting and wondering, it happened. I read bridal magazines for the sole reason that they bring me joy, and I am convinced that nothing is more fun than thinking about the man of my dreams. As I felt my relationship status with the opposite sex dwindling, my self-esteem dwindled as well. Let Him write the perfect love story. I rolled my eyes sheepishly, wondering what the cashier thought about me and my armload of party supplies. This could be even more romantic! Here, in this post, we are discussing light kissing. Instead I pretended to be very interested in watching her scan purchases into the computer.

You can teach a man or woman to kiss better. This is about commitment. Still, as significant as those things are, none of them can compare to a single smooch.

For as long as I can remember, you see, I have been a hopeless romantic—a starry-eyed, mushy, blubbering, wistful, head-in-the-clouds romantic. A way to get close enough to what you want without feeling guilty or sinful.

saving first kiss for marriage

Saving your first kiss helps you give God the pen. I had completely forgotten what it felt like so it felt like my very first kiss all over again.

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5 Myths of Saving Your First Kiss for Marriage