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Being a responsible publisher and being considerate for the environment, we have decided to change the policy of offering free print journals for authors. Forensic accounting is an important tool to challenge fraud and corruption, since it requires knowledge and competence in numerous scientific fields such as accounting, auditing, law, mathematics, statistics, psychology and information technologies.

Given that a large number of institutional investors seek sustainability data and have committed to using it, it is increasingly important to develop a robust accounting infrastructure for the reporting of such information.

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Wooldridge This paper discusses key features of the fractional response mode developed by economists Leslie E. The governance remedies recommended here aim to restore credit rating institutions to their historic role in the proper functioning of the global capital markets.

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Little is known, however, about the underlying forces that drove investor demand for these securitizations. Economics and finance have provided new perspectives and meaningful insights about the information investors need to make informed decisions. If authors require more than two copies, they are requested to order online at: store. Abstract Financial accounting is essential to financial accountability, which is essential to a prosperous society. Using the lens of materiality, the authors of this paper examine principles underlying the methodologies and business models of credit reporting agencies CRAs , finding that CRAs have potential governance shortcomings that need to be addressed by the boards of the CRAs themselves. Complementing previous research, this paper explores the US corporate and municipal green bond and shows that a subset of investors is willing to give up some return to hold green bonds. ABSTRACT The accounting profession has experienced changes as a result of institutionalization and specialiation in the face of frauds and corruptions, which have become more complex today. Among the findings, variation across securitization types and investors is key to understanding the crisis. Also, it is still considered as a new branch that is related to determining, preventing and solving problems such as fraud and corruption.

Using micro-data on insurers' and mutual funds' holdings of both traditional and nontraditional securitizations, this paper begins to shed light on the economic forces that drove the demand for securitizations before and during the crisis.

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