Pros and cons of breastfeeding

Pros and cons of breastfeeding

Those three combined rarely allow me to sit for 20 minutes at a time even once a day. You gotta bite the bullet on this one, my dear. Bottle-Feeding Bottle-feeding can mean either feeding your baby breast milk from a bottle, or using a formula. Breast milk also consists of the most potent antibodies that can help infants fight off viral and bacterial infections. Women who opt to formula feed don't have to worry about the things they eat or drink that could affect their babies. Kimono: Lauren Conrad You may also enjoy:. The Advantages of Breastfeeding There are many benefits to breastfeeding for both mother and child. Your doctor will probably prescribe Difulcan and may even suggest a low-yeast diet. Loss of bodily autonomy Breastfeeding may complicate a woman's relationship with her body.

There is no avoiding the discomfort of growing breasts, or the pain of engorgement when your milk comes in. NOW: count backwards from 10 to 1. Nursing Saves Money Formula can get pricey.

Pros and cons of breastfeeding and formula feeding at the same time

Formula has come a long way and there really are incredible choices out there that will keep your baby both healthy and happy. Know how to recognize the symptoms so you can treat it quickly to minimize your angst. There's no need to worry about preparing and heating formula, and there aren't any bottles to clean up after feedings. This is really frustrating. Nutrition and ease of digestion. Newborns eat frequently. There may be creamy, white patches that cannot be wiped off on the inside of the mouth, along the inside of the gums, inside of the cheeks, roof of mouth, or tongue.

A lack of support can make breastfeeding feel isolating and needlessly difficult. And it's important to always have the necessary supplies like bottles and nipples clean, easily accessible, and ready to go — otherwise, you will have a very hungry, very fussy baby to answer to. Common concerns of new moms, especially during the first few weeks and months, may include: Personal comfort.

what are the pros and cons of breastfeeding consider the social economic and emotional impacts

Have your partner hand you the baby. Breastfeeding saves mothers a lot of time in terms of sterilizing, heating water for formula, measuring to mix formula etc.

Breastfeeding vs formula feeding advantages disadvantages

In fact, one study in TIME Magazine revealed that about half of nursing moms quit within the first few weeks because of difficulties, anxiety, and lack of support, which is a real shame. You have to work these bad boys out on your own. Perhaps you have a lactation room with complimentary juices and plush club chairs. Sound like a lot? Medical conditions such as HIV or AIDS or those that involve chemotherapy or treatment with certain medicines can make breastfeeding unsafe. This can make breastfeeding a difficult experience in the beginning. I get them so bad that I have scoured every nook and cranny on the internet, talked to lactation consultants, doctors, other moms…. If a mom drinks alcohol, a small amount can pass to the baby through breast milk. In this situation, a woman should to talk to her doctor about her concerns and work with a lactation specialist. Even if women decide to invest heavily in nursing supplies or require the assistance of a lactation consultant, they can still save money due to the cost of formula. Two more important things. I feel there is a certain hump that one must get over before really hitting your stride. The unequal distribution of parenting work can lead to resentment in a relationship and leave the person breastfeeding with little or no time of their own.
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Pros and cons of breastfeeding: What to know