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HSBC always faces challenges with its competitors.

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It has to follow its regulations and principles. This way they can connect to a lot of people. It uses online and social media advertising, which is cheaper and beneficial due to the increasing usage of the internet. Taleghani, M. HSBC should undergo various digital marketing technique in order to improve the online traffic on its website. HSBC then believe in the services of the customers. HSBC should ensure that it sells its products to large retailers through personal selling. It can do this by reducing a percentage off the price of its products. They always create a good competitive environment and maintain a cooperative situation of business. Easy process will be convenient for the consumers. Conclusion: Hence, from the above discussions it can be said that HSBC is a brand name in the banking and financial service industry. It has over one hundred thousand likes or customer following on these pages, which are exposed to frequent content uploaded by HSBC. Industry environment: It refers to a group of products and services producing by organizations where close substitutes are available. We guarantee the homework help solutions that students receive from us are highest in the quality and free from any hint of plagiarism. These are contacted by customers in case of any issues within the product, and these people guide customers through the process of getting the issues resolved.

HSBC then believe in the services of the customers. Here are some recommendations for HSBC which should be focused: Based on the above market strategy, it is analyzed that HSBC has achieved major success in Australian banking sector but still it is far away from the personal banking sector so, there will be a lots of work is needed to expand in that market.

HSBC should start collecting data on customers and start sending them messages through email or SMS, which will eventually result in repeat purchase by customers.

The passbooks, check books also are a medium of physical evidence. This will ensure that new products that are introduced are used by and become more popular than that of competition. So, it can be understand that the presence of HSBC in Australia will be for long term and it will serve the Australian people more effectively.

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It should identify opportunities within the market and introduce new products that make use of these opportunities. This ensures that its products are available to customers easily in different parts of the country. HSBC have even sponsorship for the sporting events.

They make sure that the customers all over the world are well connected and the company crater to their needs with utmost importance. Recommended Price Strategy for HSBC HSBC should introduce discounts and allowances, where it lowers prices for a short period of time in order to attract customers and gain market share.

This is beneficial due to its large reach and ability to attract a large number of people. HSBC has fixed the prices of the final product. The Business cards, paperwork, brochures, furnishings are a source of physical evidence.

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