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Chapter 2 marketing aspect

Based on the results gathered from the instrument, majority of the respondents are willing to pay Php You would be glad to hear that we have given our best effort to prepare the report with relevant information sources. As to the case of the production of gumamela shake, the moment the product is transferred to the customer, sales is already recognized. It grows abundantly in the Philippines, thus, making it available for production. To determine whether the proposed product will earn a reasonable profit, the business must go through an extensive planning that involves development and implementation of success strategies in order to meet the goals and objectives of the business. Packaging serves as a primary identification of the product against existing competitors. Almost all business entities use computer systems in dealing with their transactions and storage of their files. There will be no more shortage on the supply of Camias. They may be hesitant to try new ones. In developing a market strategy, the business should know on how to sell the gumamela shake to its target customer and how to rise above the crowd of competitors demanding for attention. To be able to know how to introduce the product to the market. There are certain factors which can affect and are needed to be considered in establishing a business. To determine how much will be the demand for Camias bleach. Opportunities Opportunities refer to which are expected to work favorably towards the company operations.

SoulSpace will provide customers with a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere where all of their mind and body needs can be met. Opportunity and Threat Analysis In establishing a business, some factors which may affect the business activities that cannot be prevented or avoided.

North Bay Boulevard South has a population density ofa total population of 67, Also, in order for the costumers to know the information about the product, it is in the label where we put the products name.

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The proponents suggested that the product will carry a name of Gumamela Shake, which is an elaborate name that can simply be identified by the consumers that the product is made up of Gumamela.

One of the considerations in pricing policy is the consumers willingness to pay. Pricing is a critical factor in the marketing aspect since it will determine the expected turnover that the proponents will generate from the distribution of the proposed product.

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