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There the Man asks a maid to bring him nails, a hammer, and a meat cleaver.

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Rising: The little man has asked the American boy to have a bet with him. A normal person will never bet a trivial thing like Carlos did.

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This Man from the South i. His chest was not very sunburned and there were freckles there too, and a few wisps of pale-reddish hair.

It is in here that the prevalence of addiction is presented. He meets a man from South America, then they are joined by an American sailor and an English girl. It undermines what we thought we knew, and raises questions.

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And after all, all great artists hope to haunt us. The narrator expresses his dismay at this bet, as does the English girl, who thinks it is foolish.

This old man has calculated his every word and action down to a science.

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