Letter to editor to banned plastic

Letter to editor to banned plastic

I know this may be an idealistic view. However, all of the articles expressed a common theme of how critical grassroots action is when the government refuses to provide aid and action. Admittedly, the bags in question are good at what they were designed to do. I fundamentally believe you rise by lifting and helping others, and that if we started doing that more things would get better. You can agree to disagree without humiliating and shaming people. People managed just fine before plastic shopping bags came around, and the cities, towns, and yes, entire countries where they have banned the bag are doing just fine. Local businesses should stop giving them out voluntarily instead of waiting for a ban. When you read the most recent professional development and leadership books, they advise you to not watch the media for that reason. Imagine what a single-use plastic free Nova Scotia would be. Plastic bags take 1, years to photo-degrade break into smaller and smaller pieces.

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letter to ban plastic bags

Sorry you must be at least 19 years of age to consume this content. Supermarket chains all over the world have stopped giving them out on their own accord.

a letter about plastic

Imagine what a single-use plastic free Nova Scotia would be. The first article published on Feb. They were the brainchild of the Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin, who came up with the design in the s just as plastics were infiltrating every corner of our lives.

letter to the editor on plastic bags

Boomerang Bags are handmade cloth bags made from reclaimed materials, and are given out for free at stores and markets.

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Letter: Stop using plastic bags