Importance of computer education essay

importance of studying computer

The modern life of today includes information and contacts with people all over the world. Yes, it is.

Essay on importance of computer in school education

I don't think I am making an overstatement in saying that computer education is as fundamental as learning English. Computer software help better presentation of information. Computers should be introduced early in education. The simple and most trending answer is corruption. Computer education enables the artist in creating the realistic images. Both teachers and students benefit from the Internet. This is important because computer science compels students to create problem to solving thus engage them more into work, especially mathematics. If students are taking Hindi Classes or poem writing then they can do it by typing in Hindi on computers. Teachers hardly use chalk and board today. Presentation software like PowerPoint and animation software like Flash among others can be of great help to teachers while delivering lectures. Computer science promotes a meaningful life.

The Internet helps teachers set test papers, frame questions for home assignments and decide project topics. Similarly, students can submit homework and assignments as soft copies.

importance of computer skills for students

These technologies benefit man in numerous ways. They bring presentations on a flash drive, plug it into a computer in the classroom, and the teaching begins. Internet is a much larger and easier-to-access storehouse of information.

Importance of computer education essay

We need to educate them to become more powerful, creative and confident that they can lead India.

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