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Even though these two sections come near the beginning of the report you won't be able to do them until you have finished it, and have your structure and recommendations finalised.

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What is the purpose of the report? Unlike an essaywhich sets out to defend a writer's view about a topic and does not have to feature headings, a report discusses a topic in a structured, easy-to-follow format.

A Final Warning As with any academic assignment or formal piece of writing, your work will benefit from being read over again and edited ruthlessly for sense and style.

White a report in not more than words for you school magazine on the programme organised by the school on this occasion. When planning, ask yourself several questions to better understand the goal of the report.

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A Word on Writing Style When writing a report, your aim should be to be absolutely clear. Table of Contents All the sections and sub-sections of your report with page references, plus a list of diagrams or illustrations and appendices.

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Headings and Subheadings: You can use headings and subheadings throughout your report to identify the various topics and break the text into manageable chunks. Recommendations can also be part of the conclusion section Number these if you have more than one. Your school has just inaugurated its new Computer wing, constructed with generous grants from the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation. Title page The only thing difficult about preparing the title page is creating the title itself. When planning, ask yourself several questions to better understand the goal of the report. Appendices Any extra information, such as illustrations, questionnaires used in preparing the report, or a bibliography. For example, brochures, spreadsheets or large tables.

This report writing format will make it easier for the reader to find what he is looking for. What's significant or important about my findings?

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It would be best to write this when the report is finished so you will include everything, even points that might be added at the last minute. Check that your recommendations are practical and are based logically on your conclusions. Title If the report is short, the front cover can include any information that you feel is necessary, such as the author s and the date prepared.

It must be feasible, action-oriented, and relevant to the discussion and conclusion of the report.

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