How the golden age of the 1960s quickly fell apart

golden age of hollywood facts

In it abandoned the movie business entirely. Established stars like Jane Greer, Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe were battling studio heads at every turn, often refusing certain parts that they didn't want and even suing to get out of their contracts. The limits of mechanical television inherently meant that these productions were extremely primitive; The Television Ghost, for example, consisted entirely of a minute monologue of a single actor, with the only visual shot being the actor's head.

The early British television drama borrowed a great deal from dramatic radio productions developed between the First and the Second World Wars. The production struck a chord with listeners and served as a prototype for dramatic productions that followed it.

The early days of television were a time when many hour-long anthology drama series received critical acclaim. Clara Bow won a photo beauty contest which launched her movie career in Hollywood.

golden age of hollywood

Hughes acquired near-complete ownership of RKO Pictures in December and consummated a sale with General Tire for the entire studio the following summer.

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Golden Age of Television