How do the settings and characters

how does the setting shape the characters

For example, the character in a novel, a young man just out of university, is planning to immigrate from France to New York. For example, is our hero driven from his home by a jealous husband for being too forward toward his wife?

How does setting influence theme

Choose a work of recognized literary merit in which a specific inanimate object e. For example, is our hero driven from his home by a jealous husband for being too forward toward his wife? The husband would likely have to splint the arm himself or try to make contact with the nearest medical person, who might be a midwife, not a doctor. Writers need to think about what kind of person would leave home knowing he may never return, knowing he is weakening and perhaps breaking ties with his family. If this story is contemporary, he may happily take his leave of his family, promising to visit the following year. Even characters with more adventurous spirits or with dissatisfaction in their present circumstances would need a reason to travel so far. Avoid plot summary. Those rules, in turn, whether they involve space travel or magic, act in the same way that the real world time and place rules do. Yes, they dictate action, but they also influence character personality and development, motivations, and worldview. He might never see his family again. He might be influenced by a fear of terrorism or by attitudes of, or toward, tolerance. Whatever ties he had with his family will be seriously weaker now.

What would cause a Frenchman in to leave his homeland rather than fight in the Napoleonic Wars, to come to America which was embroiled in its own war with England? However, if this same young man is in a story unfolding two hundred years earlier, his decision to leave his home may have a feeling of permanence.

By the way, authors of speculative fiction are not off the hook. Shiloh: A Novel, written by Shelby Foote, can use several different components related to fiction in order to help the reader be able to further comprehend what happened at the Battle of Shiloh during the American Civil War without having to explain the actual events by using real historical references.

Has his father disowned him? If the events unfold in a city, a character will likely act in completely different ways than if they unfold in a rural setting.

setting of a story examples
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