Homonyms vs heteronyms

If I type the word tear, you, the reader, may have read it as a saline item that falls from the eye, or a word closely-related to rip. Note that these example homophones all have the different spelling and the same pronunciation, but homophones can also have the same spelling and pronunciation.


Becky Ladd on January 08, pm I am still confused about homographs and heterographs—the definition seems to contradict itself—it says that a homographs are homonyms that share the same spelling—they may or may NOT have the same pronunciation; homonyms are 2 or more words that have the same spelling, pronunciation, but different meanings; and heteronyms have the same spelling but different pronunciations—homographs which are NOT homophones.

We meet every now and then. We also list words that have nearly the same meanings. I seconded the motion that the official be seconded to another department. Troy on March 14, pm I really like the graph, its very useful for a visual person like me.

In this article we are going to answer these questions.

Homonyms vs heteronyms

The wind was too strong to wind the sail. Homographs have the same name in the way they are spelled. With only 44 sounds to make up all of the words in a language, there is bound to be some repetition, and that is where these come into play. Alberto Moreno on August 01, am Hello, so row argument and row propel with oars are homographs and heteronyms as well right?

Examples of heteronyms in English Spelling.

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Heteronyms : Here is the complete list.