Hawk roosting and golden retrievals essay help

hawk roosting golden retrievals

The imagery, Doty is primarily concerned with expressing a dog's surpressed feelings about his discontent with the societal world.

The dog brings the master buttocks to the devote with his bronzy bark. Each stanza contains four lines. The speaker makes this poem very easy to understand which lets the viewers not to think as deeply.

To analyze both poems while comparing and contrasting them is quite difficult depending on the poem. Another facet of the poem that adds to the carefree nature of the animal is the lack of difficult word choice.

The hawk greets in the world roughly him with a harsh arrogance while the dog lives in the present and focuses on the little things. Another thing I must say I value in my environment is the oxygen that God had designed for use to live on planet earth.

Also the sporadic use of caesura compliments this feature of the animal as well. These lines shows the hawk as a predator that must attack and eat which shows a darker side of the hawk. To me food is one of the most important and appreciated to me.

golden retrievals poem analysis

As if the dog is of higher intelligence, Doty criticizes humans for dwelling on the past. The Voice: The voice is that of the Hawk himself, and through him, Nature.

This also adds to the analysis of the hawk because it adds a sense of it being a deity of sorts, comparing it biblically to how God controlled creation.

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Jessica Leigh Strozeski: A Poetry Analysis on "Hawk Roosting" and "Golden Retrievals"