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Technology 5.

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Customer 2. Customers are becoming more interested 0. Hispanic population in the US is rapidly growing. Trading relationships with communities in need has enabled company to outsource high quality sustainable and relatively cheap materials. Pioneer in creating new innovation products coupled with creative marketing and packaging technique. In , China experienced a 15 percent growth in 0. Sales revenue soared

Demographic trends in the US Growing beauty consciousness especially among the aging baby boomers is an important trend for all cosmetics companies. As recorded, Russian women boast one of the highest spends on beauty products in the world.

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Identifying the underperforming brands and products, then plan for effective improvement plan and effort to reduce the inventory turn over days. Test products on animals only when required by law. Actively involved in acquisition activities 5. Estee Lauder spent about 1. Constantly increasing of online purchase trend, as Nielsen Global Online Survey, million consumers worldwide have made a purchase on the internet. Rise in energy and raw material prices worldwide, higher costs of global information technology systems and infrastructure, and increase cost of new technique and mode of products testing. Estee Lauder, the American skincare and make-up company are a family controlled organization with a very chequered history. Especially to existing customers so that the company can retain brand loyalty therefore requires the company to be much more creative in the way of sending customers the international image of the company and its products in a way that represents prestige and excellence without ever make them feel wanting to go for other brand from other company. Constantly growing in global fashion and entertainment industry. Estee Lauder still lacks a bit of advertising superiority as they spend quite limited of money to do so which can also limit the impact of the advertisement towards customers. Whereby vision is what the company wants to achieve or where the company wants to be 28 within stated period of time.

Every year, women are responsible for consuming millions of cosmetic products. Hispanic population in the US is rapidly growing. Many skin care manufacturers have been aiming for this portion and market, eg: in Japan, well known cosmetic brand-SK II has been targeting old folks for their skin smooth series, of which managed to capture the Asian market.

Company does not offer enough brand names tailored 0. Estee Lauder witnessed her empire grow from a smallhometown operation into a worldwide corporation. Confusing organizational structure; it is unclear 0. Constant product development has shown positive results in sales. There will be no need for superior purchasing power with the low cost structure and everybody will be able to buy the products with little purchasing power as well as increasing number of sales for the company in the long run. Estee Lauder spent about 1. South Korea tops the list on a per capita basis, with 99 percent of Internet users making an online purchase, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

By the yearEstee Lauder Companies lost a very important person and that is Mrs. Pioneer in creating new innovation products coupled with creative marketing and packaging technique.

Self-concept 8. By hiring the most experienced chemists 9 to design new products that are safe and effective, we strive to continue growing our product line.

It is best to utilizes that particular strength and start aiming for celebrities particularly from the developing and emerging markets to start nurturing peoples awareness towards the products that Estee Lauder has to offer and the benefits they can obtain from buying the products of Estee Lauder.

In75 nameplate department stores sold Estee Lauder: today that number is only Having a strong online presence will not only affect the future Africa but also the whole market industry where information can be sent directly and in a very efficient manner which ease both sellers and buyers in manners that are favorable for both sides.

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Constantly growing in global fashion and entertainment industry.

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Estee Lauder Case 1 Analysis