Essay on troy vs the iliad

5 differences between the iliad and the movie troy

To the modern audience it would seem like a strange place to end, as they would expect the main conflict of the film, the Trojan War, to be solved before the movie ends. Compared to Homer's Iliad, Troy is rather disappointing.

hector in the iliad vs troy

Many of the epics, such as The Iliad by Homer have been re-created by modern directors to illustrate the values of the time in which the story is currently being told.

But, to be fair, one must keep in mind the limitations of a movie compared to those of a book, and the fact that the title is Troy, not the Iliad. There probably are just as many similarities as differences from the original.

Provide substantial textual and visual evidence from the text and from the movie explaining your answer. As mentioned before, Hector was portrayed as somewhat of a hero, and if this aspect of the fight was shown, Achilles would have been glorified even more and shown as more of the hero that he was in the Iliad.

compare and contrast troy and iliad

Due, Casey. At the same time, the ancient cities, depiction of the wild nature, and the powerful sea produce a profound impression on the contemporary viewer. The film makes Hector look like a hero for his city and brother, but from the poem is a coward.

Although Zeus, King of Gods, tried to be neutral, he was pro-Trojan.

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Troy vs. the Iliad Essay