Essay on should youth indulge in politics

Copyright Group Discussion Ideas. Because nowadays politics is very dangerous zone. Now, this is not enough. The education field is more important in any country.

role of youth in politics in telugu

They abet innocent youth to use violent methods to achieve their ends. We are largely spelled by the western culture. A lot of our young people are busy indulging them in useless activities, thus spoiling their future. However, in our country there is a cult of succession in politics.

So youth also need the guidance of experienced also.

should youth join politics essay

Only youth know about the educational situations because they are facing and experiencing. Youth movements should be dealt in a respectable way and their voices need to be heard in the parliament.

We need to produce a unique leader from ourselves who should think for the country and should be able to develop a proper roadmap for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

should youth indulge in politics group discussion

There is another important factor that there should be a proper channel for education. There is need to know for youth trust.

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Youth in Politics in India