Environmental impact of tourism on antarctica essay

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The author further stated that the prospect of tourism varies as some people view it as a holiday activity, while some people believe that it is an act of travelling to and staying in different countries outside their usual environment for less than one consecutive year Tourists learn about the marine biology and threats because of climate change - they may become ambassadors for the area.

Most people believe the only effect that they have on the environment within mountain regions are the tracks in the snow left by their skis.

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The awareness of the unique environment is increased as people are able to visit it. Cons The ecosystem is very fragile, and too many people will disrupt the delicate balance it has. Undoing past damage The main concerns for environmental management are how to ameliorate past environmental impacts and how to reduce current and future impacts. Some environmental disturbance is an inevitable consequence of activities in Antarctica. Global change may also bring about changes in Antarctica that could have serious environmental consequences elsewhere in the world, for example changes in the amount of water locked up in Antarctic ice may contribute to global sea level change. Going to tourist attractions is great if one would want to get to know what makes up the culture of the place they are visiting. The fishery has attracted unauthorised operators from several countries that are working outside the regulatory framework. The exploited seal populations of the Southern Ocean have in recent years recovered very substantially and are no longer endangered. Some experts of the Alpine region suggest that tourists directly affect over half of the Alps entire surface area. The cover or the atmosphere with the green house gases lets in the sunlight but do not let the reflected light back into the outer space. Finally, the Antarctic region is a sensitive indicator of global change. Tourists, along with research scientists, may unknowingly bring seeds and spores of plants from other areas. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. The fishery has not recovered from the early peak , tonnes harvested in and the subsequent rapid decline.

The system, adopted by all nations operating in Antarctica, involves a preliminary assessment to determine the scale of impact likely to occur and whether more detailed assessment is necessary.

The icy Antarctic water is very deceiving, not only is it home too many sea animals but also in theses icy waters live a multifaceted food web that feeds many animals. There is the threat of pollution, eg oil spills from the cruise ships and other methods of transport.

Australia is continuing its efforts within the Antarctic Treaty System to secure protection of the environment through contributions to the Committee for Environmental Protection, which was established to provide environmental advice to the Treaty Consultative meetings. Visitors and tourists With the exception of those involved in fisheries, most visitors to the Antarctic go either as tourists or as part of national scientific programs.

Environmental impact of tourism on antarctica essay

In the s the IWC became more effective when blue and humpback whales were fully protected; protection was extended to fin and sei whales in the s and in the IWC decided to suspend all commercial whaling.

As the ice retreats, more routes into Antarctica are opened up, allowing greater access for cruise ships.

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Environmental research and environmental management tools are used to reduce this disturbance. However, there are some significant differences. Sealing The Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Seals CCAS was initiated in response to concerns that the sealing industry could be re-opened after some exploratory research to investigate the viability of sealing in the s. The Australian Antarctic Division has recently established the Antarctic Marine Living Resources program to provide the scientific basis for ecologically sustainable management of Southern Ocean fisheries. At appointment, all expeditioners must agree to abide by the Code of Personal behaviour, which includes a practical commitment to Australia's environmental management responsibilities. People who were interested in the tourism industry such as marketers and researchers began to notice that many travellers travelled specifically to develop a insight of the culture or heritage of a destination Tighe, Commitment to the Madrid Protocol confers the obligation to clean-up abandoned work sites and waste tips so long as the process of clean-up does not cause greater adverse impacts or cause the removal of historic sites or monuments.

Finally, the Antarctic region is a sensitive indicator of global change. If larger ships come, tourist numbers will increase. Australia hosted the first international meeting to consider disease in Antarctic wildlife and has been asked to convene a group to develop practical measures to diminish the risk of introduction and spread of diseases to Antarctic wildlife.

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