Effects on conflict in northern ireland essay

These laws effectively entrenched the existing hatreds between the two communities and glorified violent action by one community to 'defend' itself from the other.

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Many authors have noted that violence in Northern Ireland stems from reactions to real or perceived discrimination between the two groups.

The main reason behind a council's willingness to deny housing to Protestants was to ensure Protestant political domination in those districts where their electoral majority was slim Rowthorn and Wayne Strings of hatred entangle all walks of life.

This religious discrepancy had a real effect on the Irish people, interfering with their Catholic tradition.

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This latest episode of the long-standing conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland has been going on for thirty years, and although a peace agreement has been reached, a peaceful resolution to this costly struggle is not yet in sight.

These foreign-owned assembly or secondary production branch plants closed down when violence increased operating costs in the province. Ireland and England failed to agree on who held the power of Northern Ireland for over 30 years until the Good Friday Agreement, a form of diplomacy between the countries, took place.

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Thus, in white-collar sectors, Catholics would be far more likely to have clerical than managerial positions, mirroring their distribution in the public sector Whyte It has been speculated that this rise in loyalist violence may be connected to the failure of recent political talks.

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CAIN: Conflict in Northern Ireland: A Background Essay