Effectiveness of celebrity endorsement

Consumers generally perceive and react to stimuli generated by people just as they do in relation to brands.

For example, in one of the scenarios, the text emphasized how candidate and coach shared the same musical style. Overexposure was manipulated by designing a scenario in which the celebrity chose many candidates for her team endorsing a large number of candidates for an overexposed condition, and a scenario where the celebrity chose a few candidates for her team endorsing few candidates for a not overexposed condition.

importance of celebrity endorsement

Study 1 showed that when endorsed by an established celebrity, an aspiring new celebrity was better rated than when he or she lacked endorsement. Similarly, Shimp et al. Charisma and brand effects on celebrity endorsement Another dimension of the endorsement effect is the influence that the brand has on this phenomenon.

Consumers are highly likely to encounter celebrity endorsements multiple times via various media channels, including TV, billboards, print advertising, radio, and the Internet.

Rumschisky found that people are willing to pay up to 20 per cent more for a product, depending on who endorses it, generating greater revenues for the company. However, a celebrity involved in negative events may affect the image of the endorsed product Louie et al.

effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in advertising

If the celebrity endorser is careful in his or her statements of favoritism, the power of endorsement remains. Credibility refers to the confidence that the celebrity conveys to the public; expertise is linked to the knowledge and experience that the endorser has on a certain subject; and attractiveness is associated with physical appearance, beauty and sympathetic nature.

celebrity endorsement statistics

There must be some degree of association between them for the endorsement to be effective. In all studies of this research project, the first section of the instrument presented stimuli for manipulation.

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The effectiveness of celebrity endorsements: a meta