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what is night market

Firstly, of course, it is a sort of haven for those who are shopaholics because there will be various types of goods ranging from food to fashion items. There are a few vegetable stalls offering fresh vegetables at affordable prices.

Note: Night market is known as "pasar malam" in Malay language. These words aptly sum up a nation solemnising its 51 years of independence.

She had to struggle very hard to support her family.

essay night market outing last weekend

I realise we are doing more than hiving a walk on this Sunday morning for we are actually building a bond. Many cars still are parked in the driveway.

The place was packed with locals and also tourists sitting on both sides of the path waiting to cheer their leaders. The surrounding or the atmosphere of the night market is crowded with so many people and too busy. Cars spill over everywhere from the parking area to the roadsides. Although the night market is very crowded and noisy, but the hawkers and customers will come back again and again because the night market is where things are cheaper as there are no middlemen to make a profit for themselves. No doubt, it is doing a roaring business. The arguing started when I was going into the sixth grade. People turned out in droves, waving miniature Malaysian flags and singing as bands played songs at the Merdeka parade.

Night market is a colourful place. I walked into the restaurant. Furthermore, there will be many sellers come to set up their own stalls to sell their own various types of goods. Finally, the night market disappears.

Everyone seemed to have something to sell or to buy. There remained only a shape that looked like me. Crowds are walking up and down in an endless stream. The street is empty and serene on a Sunday morning and it shows no signs of cars or people. So the description should be about one. Everyone is in a holiday mood - enjoying the tasty food and drinks and unwinding after a hard day's work. Sentence a merely states that I went into the restaurant while sentence b gives a little more information as to how I went into the restaurant. Night market is a colourful place. Next, we stopped and bought some vegetables at our regular vegetable stall. Next to the fruit stall, a medicine seller had set up shop and was talking himself hoarse extolling the efficacy of his medicine to half-interested shoppers.
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