Daily fantasy sports business plan

Most of the people finding us were already members of the sites we were trying to sell them on, and we were not nearly big enough to secure flat-rate advertising from someone outside of our space. DraftKings and Fanduel also make money on advertising and entry fees.

Care — how much personal interest do you have in this topic? That number is accelerating, thanks to the rise in football soccer fantasy activity. The space was considered red-hot. Our spreadsheets were calculating all of this stuff automatically, and would almost certainly be really useful to folks — especially beginners who might not have even heard of some of the guys who would make good plays.

Inthings began to change. By Shoshanna Delventhal Updated Jun 25, The days where sports were the seasonal obsession of a few men around the TV screen are over. Getting and understanding of the scenarios and strategies in the Fantasy Sports Gaming development is totally different as compared to actual sport.

But the page views were up, right?

draftkings revenue 2018

Without expert advice or a statistical model, the average user is absolutely sunk. This meant 3 hours of work every night for about 15 days.

Exit the Mediapreneurs, enter the Engineers.

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How FanDuel and DraftKings Work