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Faced with the problem of the old port silting up, Amsterdam applied a solution from its Golden Age - canal building. Real estate prices have surged, and local shops are making way for tourist-oriented ones, making the centre unaffordable for the city's inhabitants.

The regents encouraged immigrants to build churches and provided sites or buildings for churches and temples for all but the most radical sects and the native Catholics by the s although even the Catholics could practice quietly in a chapel within the Beguinhof.

Whereas the Golden Age was primarily a period of pitch and tar, the new era is better characterised as an age of gold and silver. Apart from that, this dam is still the most important place in the city, but it is now used as a square.

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Hooft created their immortal works. Fortunately some facades and interiors dating back to the Empire period survive today.

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Old Church However, in the old centre at Begijnhof 34, we can find the Houten Huis, the oldest wooden house dating from around The famous Houten Huis is no exception to this rule. The river Amstel ends in the city centre and connects to a large number of canals that eventually terminate in the IJ. According to Samuel Pepys , for a few weeks at the end of , ships from Hamburg and Amsterdam were quarantined for thirty days. Jewish deportations Measures against Jew by the occupying forces increased apace. During the period Amsterdam suffered badly from the economic recession, a state of affairs reflected by the stagnation of the demographic development. Step into Van Gogh's world. Also built was the Stelling van Amsterdam , a unique ring of 42 forts and land that could be inundated to defend the city against an attack. For a long while it remained a Catholic stronghold, but protestantism gradually took the upper hand. And the city limits were defined by the Singel canal to the west, and the Kloveniersburgwal wall to the east. Philosophers like Spinoza and Descartes formulated their ideas on paper. The marshy area was reclaimed and a farming settlement arose.

Comprising Dutch Royal Family The difference between Holland and the Netherlands Both the country name as well as the language name can be very confusing for toursists.

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History of Amsterdam