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How will those relationships impact your day-to-day operations? If you are incorporated, say so, and detail whether you are a C or S corporation. The question is how can you do it right?

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Over time, however, we do expect equipment rentals and sales to increase as the popularity of cycling continues to rise. Some outside professionals. A service that is viable in New York City may not be viable in your town.

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What are they trying to achieve? You also want readers to understand why these people are so qualified to help make your business a success. Be clear and to the point. In particular we forecast a spike in demand in since the national road racing championships will be held in Richmond, VA. Finally, when you create your Management section, focus on credentials but pay extra focus to what each person actually will do. Like any other investment you would make, money spent on marketing must generate a return. Who is responsible for which aspects of the business? Also keep in mind you may want to include examples of marketing materials you have already prepared, like website descriptions, print ads, web-based advertising programs, etc. You've already defined and mapped out your products and services. Who makes the decisions? On the other hand, they offer inferior-quality equipment and their location is significantly less convenient. This will show the investors that you have every important area of your business covered.

Determining the total population for the market is not particularly helpful if your product or service does not serve a need for the entire population.

Our only other competition are the bike shops in Harrisonburg, VA, and our location will give us a competitive advantage over those and other companies who try to serve our market.

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Business Plan Section 3: Organization and Management