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The next day Ponyboy, Steve, and Two-Bit go to the grocery store to buy candy bars and Cokes for lunch. After they chase the Socs away, Darry scolds Ponyboy for walking home alone instead of calling for a ride. Reader Interactions. Johnny Cade - Johnny is Pony's closest friend and the gang's pet.

She tells them that the Socs have agreed to not use any weapons in the fight.

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Johnny is one of the youngest character in The Outsiders. Things get much worse, however, when he and his friend Johnny go to a park late at night. Cherry tries to tell him that not all the Socs are that violent, they have the same kind of problems the Greasers have.

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Ponyboy spends the next few days in bed. Johnny decides that he has a chance now, and announces that he wants to turn himself in. E Hinton highlights some of the problems Hinton endured on her path to become one of the most influential authors in America.

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