An introduction to the story of northumberland

The Earls of Northumberland once wielded significant power in English affairs because, as powerful and militaristic Marcher Lordsthey had the task of protecting England from Scottish retaliation for English invasions. The roof of a holiday let on Sea Road in Embleton caught fire when it was hit by lightning and fire crews had to use hose reels to put out the flames.

The region's coalfields fuelled industrial expansion in other areas of Britain, and the need to transport the coal from the collieries to the Tyne led to the development of the first railways.

A monastery at Lindisfarne was the centre of production of the Lindisfarne Gospels around However, the frequent cross-border skirmishes and accompanying local lawlessness largely subsided after the Union of the Crowns of Scotland and England under King James I and VI in Some of these items were eventually deposited with Northumberland Archives by public spirited purchasers.

The Book of Kells, folio rc. A more recent discussion is by Bean.

northumberland independence

The Cheviot Hillsin the northwest of the county, consist mainly of resistant Devonian granite and andesite lava.

In recent years the county has had considerable growth in tourism. The latter were stripped[ by whom?

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Kingdom of Northumbria