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I write about business in India, especially the new economy. The operation became the basis of the group's other Filipino holdings, grouped under the Indo Phil name. The company set up in was Century Textiles Co. The origins of the Birla family fortunes lay in the second half of the 19th century, when in Seth Shiv Narayan Birla launched a cotton- and jute-trading business in the town of Pilani, in Rajasthan, India. That company quickly grew into a major exporter, while also supplying the Thai textile industry. His Eastern Spinning Mills in Calcutta Kolkata quickly became a success, putting the group's sinking rayon and textile business back on track. Other new markets for Birla included software development and IT services, which were regrouped into Birla Technologies Ltd. The first of these, Thai Rayon, launched production of viscose rayon staple fiber, which it marketed on a global basis as Birla Cellulose. Our Vision: To be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus on each business. Commencing in , Planet Fashion now has more than one hundred fifty retailers in cities throughout India. Birla now led a restructuring of the company's holdings, grouping all of its businesses under the single umbrella holding, Aditya Birla Group. That acquisition was completed in ; two years later, Indal boosted its aluminum foil production through the purchase of control of Anapurna Foils.

That acquisition was completed in ; two years later, Indal boosted its aluminum foil production through the purchase of control of Anapurna Foils. Grasim, for example, added cement production inlaunching the Vikram Cement plant at Jawad, in Madhya Pradesh.

TCB grew strongly, building the world's largest carbon black facility on a single location, and counting among its customers the global big three tire manufacturers. The company enjoyed the advantages of India's "License Raj," a license-permit-quota system devised by the country's first prime minister, Jawarharal Nehru, that made it difficult for new domestic competitors to emerge.

The company added yet another Thai unit indeepening its interests in that country's textile sector with the founding of Thai Acrylic Fibre. Carbon black[ edit ] After purchasing Columbian Chemicals Co. The family's interest in textiles and rayon in particular led it to acquire another branch, Indian Rayon Corporation, in In other areas, the company claims to be the world's eighth largest producer of cement and the world's fourth largest producer of carbon black.

The Birla family also became important supporters of the independence movement led by Mahatma Ghandi.

Aditya birla history

Infor example, the company launched a petroleum refining joint venture with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. The company was particularly successful in Japan, where it captured more than half of the total carbon black market.

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