A history of the parti quebecois in canada

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The party caucus in the provincial legislative assembly was said to have supported Boisclair continuing as leader. He further states that "we cannot promote the unity of Canada without full recognition of all the dimensions of its linguistic duality The RN received only 3.

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See more Encyclopedia articles on: Canadian History. He claimed that this was the position of Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard as well. A study of Levesque is, in large part, a study of language, gesture, and culture - for, in a homogeneous society with a strong oral tradition, Levesque was a cultural force as much as a politician.

This provided cause for celebration among many French-speaking Quebecerswhile it resulted in an acceleration of the migration of the province's Anglophone population and related economic activity toward Toronto.

Ontario, with one-third of Canada's population very narrowly supports the accord.

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René Lévesque and the Parti Québécois in Power, Second edition